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Our goal is to make your home remodel easy and enjoyable.





Bring tired old spaces back to life. Are you living in a mid-century house that still looks and feels old, we can help you bring your home into the new millennium. Let us make your home more secure with hurricane rated windows and new entry doors. Bring the past back to life.

ROom additions

We will help you get more space out of your current home. If you are just looking to add more space to an existing kitchen or if you want an extra bedroom added, let our team of experts apply our talents to your home and spaces. We can work within your budget.


From planning, design, build, to completion, we will bring to life almost any idea that you have. Completing your project with quality that you can count on. Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients can attest to our superior craftsmanship.

Warm & spacious designs that will bring your kitchen to life.


As you dream, you will no doubt consider a number of options, such as altering the floor plan to conserve space and improve traffic flow; ensuring ample cupboard, pantry or counter space; placing large, new appliances in a convenient arrangement; choosing new countertop or flooring, and adding a personal touch to your kitchen with lighting fixtures, woodwork, tile or new paint colors. We can help you sort through these various options so that the final product will be a kitchen that meets all your needs yet fits nicely with the rest of your home.



A trendy or old fashioned look with all the modern conveniences.


Bathrooms play an important role in daily living and can significantly affect your quality of life for better or worse. A good bathroom blends beauty and practicality, offering an orderly arrangement of furnishings and fixtures along with a pleasing design to reflect your personality and taste. Your bathroom experience ought to be one of ease, convenience, and satisfaction; particularly because your waking moments often begin and end in this room. If your bathroom does not provide the comfort and class you desire, you may want to consider a bathroom remodel.



Improve your quality of living by renovating an outdated, uncomfortable, and unusable space.


Rejuvenate the interior of your home with one of our custom DCI lanai conversions.  Why not make use of that forgotten space in the back of your house and make is a useful and elegant area for you and your family. We have designed, planned, and implemented many lanai conversions for customers in the Tampa Bay Area and can assure you that when the space is complete, you will not be disappointed. Remodeling will give you a wide variety of options, from structural changes to a new decorative look. The comfort, beauty and functionality of the entire home is an essential aspect of your daily lifestyle and deserves the utmost care and consideration. Whatever form your vision takes, whether it is still in the works or complete in every detail, we enjoy making that dream a reality.



Create a new space for your family.


Whether a second story addition, a kitchen, or bath expansion, a home addition by DCI Home Improvements will help you create a “new” home by adding strategically and tastefully to your existing house.  We help you collaborate with designers and architects to ensure that your addition makes architectural “sense”: either a natural and seamless extension of your home’s current aesthetic or an intentional and tasteful departure. Whether you want to add a couple of feet to an existing room or add hundreds of feet to a house, we can handle the job with ease and you will be pleased with the outcome.



No two things can help the energy efficiency of your home more than new doors & windows.


In the Summer, the weather in Florida can get very hot. In order to cool things off, most residents will turn to the modern comforts of their home’s central air conditioning unit. This can quickly become a huge demand on resources and cost you hundreds of dollars if your house is not properly sealed. New doors and windows will not only make your home look great, but will add peace of mind that your home is more secure.  Also, energy saving renovations can be used as a tax write off as well.



One question that we get above all others, "Do you do small jobs?"

The answer to that question is 'YES'. Don't think that just because it might seem like a small insignificant job that might be a little bit more than you can handle on your own will be too little for us, on the contrary.  We feel that every customer is family and we want you to call us whenever you have that one small project that you need help on.  Don't hesitate to call on us for any type of job you might need.